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The Next Generation

Science and Human Dimension 1995

The Science and Human Dimension Project brought twenty four young Cambridge scientists together to discuss the future of their disciplines. Most of the speakers were research fellows or lecturers in their departments and were recommended by a professorial panel. The disciplines represented were physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science, and medicine.

The speakers included: Paul Attfield on inorganic chemistry; Clive Svendsen on brain repair for the 21st century; Paul Alexander on structure formation in the Universe; Mark Humphrys on the scope of AI; Beverley Glover on plant cell fate in the future; and Julie Ahringer on genetics and development.

The presentations demonstrated a high level of innovation and imagination: from left-handed aliens to elegant ways to build dinosaurs.

The proceedings were published on Planet Science, the website of the New Scientist, and in hard copy by the Science and Human Dimension Project.

This meeting was supported by the Wellcome Trust, Chiroscience Ltd, and the New Scientist.