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Technology and AI Focus for Rustat Conferences in 2016 - 20 April 2016

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Blockchain and the Future of Work - these vital issues of today to feature in Rustat Conferences in 2016.

As Artificial Intelligence moves toward Super Intelligence, important questions are being asked about risks to humanity, ethics, regulation, creativity and imagination in humans and machines. The June 2016 Rustat Conference agenda will many such questions. Many advances in AI are impacting the world of work - how will the foreseen opportunities and benefits be weighed up against the potential threat to millions of 'middle class'jobs in clerical and professional roles. The Future of Work conference in November will address these are related issues.

The blockain, a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), provides the infrastructure which underpins Bitcoin cryptocurrency. As a protocol for exchanging value on the internet without an intermediary, DLTs are now being heralded as a potential solution to multiple challenges in finance and government, disrupting established processes and related rules. The September 2016 Rustat Conference will seek to clarify the key opportunities and challenges blockchain presents to industry, government and citizens.

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